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and I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd

a writing community

life is a writing workshop
over the rainbow
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So this idea came one day:

Hey. We like writing. In fact, we try to do it all the time. However, we never really do - except for class.

We need motivation!

Thus, the community was born. A place to light a fire under your butt to get writing! Challenges will come around monthly / biweekly / whenever the hell someone wants to put something up, and then it's your job (and, really, ours) to get writing!

The basic scheme of things is that we're a bunch of collegiates that love to write -- check out our stuff if you'd like to read some, or just post, and see what we have to say!

[1] Post stories / poems / musings / odes / fiction / scribblings behind an lj-cut. Challenges, on the other hand, can be out in the open.
[2] WRITE. :)
[3] Constructive criticism is allowed, nay, encouraged! Keep those flames in the fire, though.
[4] You don't have to respond to challenges. They're mostly meant to encourage those of us having a bit of trouble, so feel free to respond to them, or simply post your own creations that have nothing to do with any challenge.

...and your lovely mods: